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"Young Dro"
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"Young Dro"
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On Fire


Young Dro

альбомы: R.I.P.
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 4.8 / 811 просмотров
[Verse 1]
I'm hot goddamn, brown Trans Am, I'm on fire
Loud as Cham', standing in the trap with these loud ass jems
Loud ass pipes, around these loud ass rims
God, God, look at my garage, Maserati cars
I can't see floors, this is no facade
Bitches go retard
Thousand packs we call that a banjo or a yard
My paint keep falling, wet, wet shawty
"Shoulder Lean" money, I'm still balling
Got them soldiers in platoon, pockets on balloon
Stack my money up and take a rocket to the moon
AK in the freezer, but my glock is in the room
When I get with these hoes, first we pop it then we zoom.
The hottest in the room, you know I won't lie
You know I'm sitting tall, you know I'm on fire[Chorus]
Call me Young Dro Because I'm smoking on fire
Ball if you want, please shawty don't try
Players only live once, everybody going to die
So whatever shawty want, you know shawty going to buy
Aye, but shawty on fa, fa, fa, on fire
Shawty on fa, fa, fa, on fire
Shawty on fa, fa, fa, on fire
Shawty on fa, fa, fa, on fire
Call me Young Dro because I'm smoking on fire (X4)[Verse 2]
I am Young Dro, what you telling me?
Pocket full of celery, I know how to be a player
I am Bill Bellamy, nigga run up on me wrong know I get a felony
Dead fresh in the club, damn who the hell is he?
Fellas be trying see my cars look like my Automart
Rovers in the crowd and I don't know how to call them up
I'ma start a hundred cars, race them up, paid them up
Paint the Rica grey in March, Aqua Blue in April, dimes in the stable
Gators I'ma blow them out
Tell the bitches if they don't behave I'ma throw them out
Drop top probable, make it rain on the Doppler
Grand Hustle king got a mafia, nigga what's popping?
I'm a beast, soon as I hit release mode
Pop your open like the Lamborghini doors
Young Dro I'm the "Best Thang Smokin''
On fire, on fire, on fire, on fire[Chorus][Verse 3]
Riding down Edgecombe, I just left Zaxby's
Chickens at the restaurant, chickens in my Chevy trunk
Classic, super straight, Dro you cannot duplicate
Nigga you ain't hustle till you sold it out the Super 8
Traveloid, super cake, do a hundred jazz up
Super strong kush got them coughing like the swap meet
Dro you say you spent a million on the jewelry
Who you lying to? Try who?
Nigga I will suffocate and bust the K
Show them how to cultivate, and buy a house with ocean state
Plus I say I'm real with the hustle I multicate
First they start biting, I require y'all muzzle they
Mouth is doubt me, eight mile high houses
Grand Hustle king y'all know what I'm about bitch[Chorus]
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Это интересно:Young Dro – новый герой южной рэп-школыДжуан Харт, в профессиональной сфере известный как Young Dro, родился в Атланте, штат Джорджия, в 1979 году в бедной и многодетной семье. Он начал сочинять рэп-тексты еще в 9 классе, и примерно тогда же ему пришлось перенести тяжелое испытание: в 16 лет Харт был ранен в живот и спину, и ему понадобился почти год, чтобы восстановиться. Однако, ранение, похоже,... продолжение
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