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Cedars of Lebanon



жанры: rock, alternative, atmospheric
альбомы: No Line on the Horizon
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 5.4 / 1390 просмотров
Yesterday I spent asleep
Woke up in my clothes in a dirty heap
Spent the night trying to make a deadline
Squeezing complicated lives into a simple headline
I have your face in an old Polaroid
Tidying the childrens clothes and toys
You smiling back at me I took the photo from the fridge
Can't remember what Emily did
Haven't been with a woman, it feels like, for years
Thought of you the whole time, your salty tears
This shitty world sometimes produces a rose
The scent of it lingers but then it just goesReturn the call to homeThe worst of us are a long drawn-out confession
The best of us are geniuses of compression
You say you're not gonna leave the truth alone
I'm here 'cause I don't wanna go home
Child drinking dirty water from a riverbank
Soldier brings oranges he got out from a tank
Waiting on the waiter, he's taking a while to come
Watching the sun go down on LebanonReturn the call to home
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