I Came Here To Live


Trace Adkins

альбомы: American Man, Greatest Hits Volume II, Dangerous Man
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 4.6 / 568 просмотров
I grew up in a town where tough was a cigarette
And a souped up car on a county road
Nothin' much to do back then so we'd make bets
On how much drink a guy could holdAnd I held my own
I learned to hold my ownDaddy works some dead-end job at the concrete plant
Mama taught the Sunday Bible class
For eighteen years I remember thinkin'
That there was more to life than that so I ran the streets to beat the DevilGoin' just as fast as I could fly
'Cause I came here to live
I didn't come here to dieMama used to wait for me with the porch light on
Worried about her little boy 'til I got home
Daddy, he'd say, "Listen son", but back then there wasn't much
That I didn't already knowI reckon I was doing close to 80
When I felt the tire slip out from underneath
And I never set out lookin' for Jesus
So I guess Jesus come lookin' for meAnd He found me upset down in a ditch
Smokin' gas in my eyes
And He said, "Son, you came here to live
You didn't come here to die"Sunday morning I got up and I went to church
That summer I got a job and I went to work
I met a girl in town, put some money down
On a little house with a yardOur little boy was due in September
But he came early in July
For eighteen days all I remember
Was sittin' there at his sideSayin', "Son open up your eyes
Just open up your eyes
'Cause you came here to live
You didn't come here to die
Son, you came here to live"
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Это интересно:Родился 13 января 1962 года в городке Сарепта, штат Луизиана, США. Интерес к музыке он начал проявлять, когда был совершенно юным мальчиком. Он упросил своего отца научить его шалить на гитаре. Во время своего обучения в школе он играл в местной группе, направлением которой была церковная музыка. Позже она получила имя «New Commitments». После окончания школы Трейс поступил учиться в Технологический... продолжение
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