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жанры: sludge, stoner
альбомы: Songs for Singles
рейтинг: ★★★★☆ / 4.5 / 488 просмотров
I've been watching how you dance
Watching how you smile
Watching how you carry yourself around in a crowd
And watching what you say
You've got something that's a secret to the average eye
You've been saving something nobody's seen until now
In a hideaway
I'm not trying to invade your privacy
There are things you have a right to hide
But it's oh so cold
Standing on the outsideWill you take me to your secret hideaway
I won't tell nobody where I'm going
Won't you tell me that we're leaving right away
For the heart of your hideawayEverybody's looking for a heaven on earth
A slice of paradise where nobody gets hurt
Someone to put the pieces back together again
When your daydreams die
Are you trying to get a message through the air to me?Get me on your wavelength and tell me which way to go
To your hideaway
I can't stand another second in this tinker-toy world
Give me your direction
Don't make me wait anymore
It seems so far awayYou can trust me with your secret fantasy
You will never know until you've tried
But it's oh so cold
Standing on the outsideI've been trying to get a message
Through the air to you
Get on my wavelength
And I'll tell you which way to go
To my hideawayI will show you to my secret hideaway
We will tell nobody where we're going
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Это интересно:Torche - группа из Майами, Флорида. Их стиль чаще всего описывают как stoner metal, или sludge metal. Группа выделяется из десятков подобных команд великолепной мелодикой.Группа была сформирована в 2004-м году Стивом Бруксом (ex-Floor), Хуаном Монтойей... продолжение
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