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"The Skints"
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The Skints

жанры: reggae, ska, ska punk, punk, dub
Это интересно: The Skints are a reggae/dub/ska/punk band from London, United Kingdom. Band membersJamie Kyriakides - vocals, drumsJoshua Waters Rudge - vocals, guitarJonathan Doyle - bassMarcia Richards - vocals, keyboards, alto saxophone, melodica, flute, guitarHistoryEarly yearsThe Skints formed as school friends in 2005 at Woodbridge High School (London).The band hail from the Leyton/Walthamstow and South Woodford/Woodford areas of northeast London. They spent their first year and a half changing band members whilst perfecting their sound. They settled on the current line-up in May 2007. The Skints first 'publicity' came from playing at a pub... продолжение

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2012 год
  1. Part & Parcel
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