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The Adventures In Wonderland


The Roots

жанры: hip-hop
альбомы: Illadelph Halflife, The Roots
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 5.3 / 1283 просмотра
Fuck, kill, and prosper is the gospel of Wonderland
Where street sands are quick to suck you down to the abyss
With the lure of pure bliss if you kiss the dicks of the niggaz?
Never, Nosferatu's, those witches and warlocks in blue
Government gumshoe, keepers of the First ZooWho? Me?I'm the modern day vixen vampire slayer
Unauthorized player, in the capitalist contest to see who "Gets Money"
No milk and honey, in this land 'coz justice has been banned
So it's play dirty or die by the hand that's holding all the gunsPlunged, deep into religion was my first decision
To save me and my daughter's lives
But I can't thrive off spirit and scripture the picture grew clearer
I made the move to rear her in a life wanting for nothingSo I got into this drug thing not doing, but dealing, sealing fates
And healing struggle gaped wounds of the doomed became my mission
Izm was just too small time, I had to find the best design to
Fuck with the massive motherfuckers minds, and pocketsSo I sold [Incomprehensible] kits and alleyway thigh splits for two bits
And five year old preschool pussy
And once strong now bony backs and stretched out
Weary racks of snatch, in other words, I sold crackMorality was buried deep, beneath the new Jeep
Silk sheets and money heaps
Still the good mother, I sent my daughter off to
Boarding school to keep shit under coverAll the while envisioning myself
A champion of ghetto causes
Plus his, game I was playing, and winning
While sinning, against myself and soul to get the goldI was the Female Don, the Crack Queen
To me I seemed unstoppable, my coffers full
I went buckwild, wanting more like the pipe worn whores
I began to deploreNo time for playing with my coochie counting my man's mad lucci
While he was up inside some hoochie's loose piece
I signed the checks and, I counted out the cash
Wasn't saving ass for no niggaz sent upriver
I thought my shit was tight, 'til my empire started to quiverTaking every chance, under surveillance being listened to
And watched, like Assata Shakur my place on the top was no more sure
Loose lips flipped the script, the fantasy trip, swiftly ended
It took no time to blend in with the population prisonMy jaded vision, busted like a cherry every, dream I had now tainted bad
I fucked and I killed to prosper
Upheld each tenant, of the ghastly gospel
Shift to a different wonderland to pay the price for my viceA land of fields to toil in like slaves
No lillies in this field, just plenty of souls to save
Plenty of fat uniformed rats with below average size cocks
That slither through cell locks in the nightLactating tits being licked, left and right
Plenty of coochie burning with desire
Like black churches in the South
Black prayers and pussy on firePenned up behind barbed wire
Me and my fellow female mammals, animals
Bitches in cages, bodies racked with hormone rages
Minds haunted by our children's facesThey mace us with promises of rehabilitation slash corruption
Place smoking guns in empty hands of native sisters and sons
I joined in this nation's favorite pasttime on a quest to gets mineNow I'm passing time standing on line
In the commissary to buy Maxi-Pads
Instead of shopping at Barney's for Chanel bags
Nana who raised me, went to bed a-dazed via my mistakesAnd my daughter hates me for what I did
And I'm fucked and I'm stuck doing the Devil's bid
Being locked in a moral corrupt crib
Missing my kidHey girl, you wanna get finger fucked tonight?
I swear I'll stick it in and up tight just right
Yo sis, I've had to kill and shit
Just blow my head pretty and I'll give you a slipAlright ladies, lights out
Это интересно:The Roots, пожалуй, единственная группа, которая органично чувствует себя как частью андерграунда, так и мейнстрима. Делая качественную музыку, основанную в большей части на «живых» инструментах, они не задумываются о продажах, но тем не менее всегда встречаются с одобрением. В их творчестве всегда чувствуется сильное влияние других направлений. Из The Roots вышел знаменитый продюссер Scott Storch,... продолжение
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