Step Into The Relm


The Roots

жанры: hip-hop, rap
альбомы: Things Fall Apart, The Roots
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 5 / 1045 просмотров
Step into the realm, you're bound to get caught
And from this worldly life, you'll soon departYo, I walk a-cross this, world that's deceptive
Beats are perfected, the ghetto's infested
With more destruction, my vocal eruption
Was speakin bout corruption with no introduction
Approach me with caution cause I spark losses
M-illitant the rap arson, marchin
Leavin niggaz stiff like I'm starchin, departin
Hollywood sambos and jokes just like martin
I'm the type of nigga that belongs in a ward
With a mic and a cord, to hold your head with a sword
Some proclaim lames, callin theyselves bold
They shall be flawed, when the claps applaud
If this a point of life, one I can't afford
Then I have to get sheist and I deal in fraud
Now back to the topic of, the rap philosopher
With more drama than a soap opera
Who stops the propoganda, the hot block commander
Puttin a halt to all the backtalk and slander
Warn every challenger, about the silencer
Muzzle in your mouth for the days that's on the calendarStep into the realm, you're bound to get caught
And from this worldly life, you'll soon departI'm from the valley of the heavyheads, watch the ghetto pre-medical
Undergrads, and steady red faces of stone
Eyes are crevices, life like a double negative
Philly crimin-al, I rhyme my, dirt tariq already did
Buildin this, fifth foundation in the wilderness
Thought-less, trespass and enter thought's fortress
Limitless entrance, paid, to the order of the
Cypher slaughterer, my mic slappin you senseless
Defenseless, niggaz never movin me inches
The beat fifth, invisi-ble in the trenches
Afficiando, awesome hip-hop drug problem
Fuck stardom, and chickens up in gotham
Poltergeist, slit or choke the mic, til it scream to me
Stop that, cash we conveniently got that
I stroll through your scenery cocked back
Me and hot mack, the nine-eight, el dorado cadillac jacks
Это интересно:The Roots, пожалуй, единственная группа, которая органично чувствует себя как частью андерграунда, так и мейнстрима. Делая качественную музыку, основанную в большей части на «живых» инструментах, они не задумываются о продажах, но тем не менее всегда встречаются с одобрением. В их творчестве всегда чувствуется сильное влияние других направлений. Из The Roots вышел знаменитый продюссер Scott Storch,... продолжение
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