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"The Notorious B.I.G."
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Hope You Niggas Sleep


The Notorious B.I.G.

альбомы: Born Again
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 4.8 / 760 просмотров
Check the pain I inflict like a convict, the Fulton digger
Jump in the Aura Vigor, after I stick ya
Rip ya like a razor, straight up Henny with no chaser
Watch me erase ya, misplace yaPut you in the back with the derelicts
Yeah, I pop plenty shit
Chump, I'm making hits
No time for the crack rock and shitTook it to another level
Now I'm gettin' crazy papes, gettin' paid from the devils
Another amateur trying to damage the pedigree
Of the B I G G I E, you know it's meHoes I thought you know I'm smooth as a babies ass
Smooth as Teeddy Pendegrass, smoke the grass, get in your ass
The Brooklyn born Teflon don, wreckin' shop
Gettin' props, provin' nobody dropsWords as potent as the blunt smokin' Bed-Stuy bandit
And niggas just can't understand it
I bust a cap for the brothers in Nap Nap, Comstock and Clinton
You know my shit is hittingYeah, ya'll a fly nigga, Biggie Smalls
Kickin' flavor, make a nigga wanna dig up in they drawers
For the burner, catch a body
I got styles like karateJujitsu, when I hit you then I split you
Like a cantaloupe
Hope you got a rope to hang yourself
I rob for self, from Brooklyn, where elseFat like a Lexus coupe, I'll rip your troop
Not even Lois Lane could get the scoop
What you think I'm stupid
My crew is mad deep, I hope you niggas sleepI throw a bomb through you window
Burn you up and your hoe
I catch your mama going to therapy
And cut her throatYou lil' sister walking home from school
I abduct her, then I fuck her
I hit ya park close up with the Louisville SluggerB Geezy is the hustla, ignorant motherfucker
I was taught how to bust heads by the best head busters
Cluckers, you know I got'em two for one my nigga
I'm on V.L. if you want me, get some my nigga, come onThuggin' is my thing, if I'm beefin' I'm bangin'
Slangin', it's in my nature, gotta be about my paper
Haters, I don't like 'em, bitches, I don't trust 'em
Niggas, I can't stand 'em, I creep down and pluck 'emStrap stay in my hand, I gotta protect mine
Niggas tryin' to pull it off, pop goes the nine
That's how it gotta be in these uptown streets
And a nigga like me, I play the game for keepsI remember when niggaz slang heroin up in balloons
I paid attention to everythin', from killings to cartoons
Got a picture of Malcolm X on the wall in my room
Bitch want some more nigga, fuck with me I'ma doom shitNigga give me dope, I accept it but don't respect him
Put my foot in they rectum right after I dome check 'em
I be poppin' D, smokin' weed and full of that Hennessey
Fresh off the streets on my way to the penitentiaryEverybody whisper in ears when they gone mention me
I been out doin' it for years, since elementary
Real good relationship with guns and drugs
Because my whole neighborhood consist of crooks and thugsEverythin' is my own shit, 'cause I don't fuck with scrubs
I don't need you harassin' me when I'm up in the club
Tryin' to hustle a nigga, askin' me for a dub
Quarter, ki's, and halfs is what I sling, 'cause that's what I loveI know you bitches know that I ain't to be played with
Don't have no picks and chooses who get they head split
They die quick, fuckin' with Turk, wodie get whacked
Spend a bin with Kevin and Randy get flat on you backAnd trust that, ain't bout to let no nigga steal me
Fuck that, I bust back with 223
Big and full of that raw with no cut and be ready to creep
Innocent people move, 'cause somebody fix'n to get splitNa, Na, it's iceberg shorty, Lordy have mercy
Come from under my shirts and flip 'em and reverse 'em
I'm coming so alert them
'Fore I hurt them, desert eagle burstin'
You haven't seen the worst andI'm right near you and my gun blast quick
Dog could kill you so run, dash, get gone
Wodies movin' slow around this time they got bricks dog
I ain't got bricks dog, nigga break it off, whatUn huh, B.I.G. with the Cash Money Millionaires, forever
Juvenile, Lil' Wayne, Baby, Turk, B.G., Manny Fresh
Slim, CEO and me P. Diddy, B.I.G, Born Again
And we won't stop, get money niggas
Это интересно:The Notorious B.I.G. — легенда хип-хопа восточного побережья. Стал жертвой насилия, так реалистично отображенного в своей лирике. Во время похорон Biggie все жители Бруклина вышли на улицу, чтобы проститься с гением.Если вы любите рэп, то вы не можете не узнать этого полного лица с каким-то по-детски недовольным выражением. Его уже давно нет с нами, но это не мешает ему быть одной из ключевых фигур... продолжение
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