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Feelings in My Heart


The Fresh & Onlys

жанры: indie
альбомы: The Fresh & Onlys
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 5 / 1021 просмотр
Just swear that I'm the only one 
But I feel that all your love has gone away 
I always beg you to stay 
So please make up your mind and 
Let me know that you will. 
Tell me what you feel
Tell me what you feel 

I swear you're the only one 
In my dreams, yeah the only one 
The only girl I wanna hold you tight 
I come a day to day, I come a night to night 
Like a vision you are on my mind 
The real love it's hard to find 
Tell me what I'm gonna do. 
There's so much I feel for you 
Can we talk about you and me 
There is a future, can't you see 
Can't you see, can't you take it 
Can we be, yeah can we make it 
No chance for a second try. Baby baby, ha, don't cry 
We don't stay at night together 
We have changed our life forever 

Can't you feel it
Can't you feel it
Can't you feel it

Whom you loved long time ago 
That's the deal, so feel it's not the show 
Let me chill, let me feel you one more time 
Straight from my heart, come on with the rhyme 
Hold you right, hold you tight yeah by my side 
Give it up, give me all, ha, what you like 
Yes, can I feel the groove 
Dedicate, dedicate my love for you 

Just swear that I'm the only one 
The only one, the only one. Please make up your mind
Tell me this, tell me that what I have to do 
All I wanna do is just for you 
For you, ha, just for you. For you, ha, just for you 
The first touch, the first kiss. So many words that I miss 
Once again I'll be your friend 
Believe me girl, it's not the end
Это интересно:The Fresh & Onlys появились на свет, когда фронтмен Тим Коэн из Black Fiction и басист Шейд Сартин начали сочинять песни в 2004 году. После череды перемен в составе (костяк банды не изменился, но пришли Кайл Гибсон и Ваймонд Майлз), The Fresh & Onlys определились со звуком - это был солнечный инди-поп с влияниями Welcome и Saturday Looks Good to Me. Последующие... продолжение
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