Shabba Ranks

жанры: reggae, dancehall, ragga, hip hop
Это интересно: Shabba Ranks (born Rexton Rawlston Fernando Gordon, 17 January 1966, Sturgetown, St. Ann, Jamaica) is a Jamaican dancehall/ragga recording artist,son of Ivan Gordon and Constance Christie; married Michelle, 1992; children: Shaboo, Jahwon (sons).Biography and music careerWhen he was eight years old, his family moved to the Kingston ghetto of Trenchtown. By age 12, he was fascinated by the sound system DJs who spun records in local clubs, and often chatted on the microphone over the backing tracks. His early inspirations included Charlie Chaplin, General Echo, Brigadier Jerry, Yellowman, and especially Josey Wales. He tried his hand at performing as a toaster, and spent the early 1980s... продолжение

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