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Don't Ask for the Water


Ryan Adams

жанры: rock, country, singer-songwriter, acoustic
альбомы: Heartbreaker
рейтинг: ★★★★☆ / 4.3 / 315 просмотров
I hate this old place
What it represents
And I hate who I was
Who I ended up since
If you learned how to swim
Just in case you drownDon't ask her for the water
'Cause she'll swallow you downAnd she's ten miles of peace
In the hardest of nights
And her belfry's got arch
But her rooftops are all right
But down here in the sewer
I'm smelling a ratDon't ask her for the whiskey
'Cause her water's all thatAnd what horses we rode
Through what somber fields
With our lovers at war
And the dust on our heels
And the infidels screamed
"It's all but a lie"Don't ask her for the water
'Cause she'll teach you to cryDon't ask her for the water
'Cause she'll teach you to cryAnd her weapon of choice
Is a red patterned dress
And a sack full of stones
With her hands on her chest
And a book full of quotes
And a tight fastened lipDon't ask her for the water
'Cause she'll sink like a shipDon't ask her for the water
'Cause she'll sink like a ship
Это интересно:Один из немногих представителей альтернативного кантри-рока, которым удалось добиться настоящего коммерческого успеха, Райан Адамс (Ryan Adams) никак не поддается четкой жанровой классификации. Следуя за своей плодовитой музой, он балансирует между альтернативными направлениями кантри, рока и поп-музыки, делает гараж-рок, блюз и фолк-рок. И эта история длится уже 15 лет. Райан Адамс родился... продолжение
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