Project Talk



жанры: hip-hop, rap
альбомы: Bobby Digital, RZA as Bobby Digital in Stereo
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 4.6 / 642 просмотра
Yo, what up, dunn?
Yo, yo, yo
Aiyyo, peace, what up, guy? Yo, what up, dunn?
Word, just watching the store you know
Got all the word on the streetWhat you was outside yesterday?
Word, for a minute went to the store, you know
Caught them cats out there
Some bugged out shit was going down last night
Fucking with them niggaz off the Ave and shit, you know?
Word, niggaz be bugging out there
Yo, what's the word on the street?
Yo, fuck that yoI heard cops raided the weed spot and four deep
They backed in two dreads in the eighty-five [Incomprehensible]
You know who I mean? He moved to Shaolin from Queens
Fronting like he was down with the Escobar teamI heard T.T. got shot in the ass over some wiz
And Pooky caught two to the chest but yo, he lived
And plus Little Duck and Love, they got busted
I told them niggaz, don't be slinging while they dustedYo, you see, me little cousin Shawn, his man Royce
Yeah, Shawn broke his arm on the basketball court
Word his sister Febe got cut off from welfare
And those two nappy head kids got sent back to child careBastards, he got slapped by Mouth Gib
Acting like he had an arm to take in his crib
Yeah that faggot ass nigga caught that beef from his rib
It's the projects, dunn, you got one life to liveMurder, caught 2-4, triple homicide
Mental rhyme disorder shit but never testified
Hold on, guy, chill, my other lineMake it fast, guy, don't have me on hold for a long time
It's twenty cents a call and I only got a dime
It's hot on the block and I'm surrounded by crimeYo, aiyyo, shigga, check the drama that was my little nigga Hama
He said he just got some power-u from your niece Tanya
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Это интересно:RZA (в русской транскрипции Риза) — искусный создатель магически простых и завораживающих ритмов, абсурдных сэмплерных коллажей, оставляющих слушателя в недоумении, что это — эксперименты новичка или насмешка гения, лет десять считается одним из самых оригинальных хип-хоп продюсеров.Музыкант и бизнесмен, стоявший у истоков двух великих рэп-команд, давший толчок десятку успешных... продолжение
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