The One


Olly Murs

жанры: pop, british
альбомы: Right Place Right Time
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 5.3 / 1326 просмотров
You tried to walk,
Tried to run,
Tried to fool,
To imply,
That you were fine,
It's pitiful.So i gave chase but you were too fast.
Trying to loose track of your past.
To far gone to notice my hands.
Walking on broken glass.
The reasons why, you survived, was a miracle
So i made a call to your front door
Telling you im never going to farChorus:And under us,
The rivers subside for you.
Whenever you cry, look above, the angels will fly for you
Cause you're the one
Call on me, for all of the dark you fear,
And i am here.
We'll start a new
If all you do comes undone.
Cause you're the one.Im no god
Im just a man
All i have is these two hands
I took on the world when you ran
I am fire,
Water and land
With you in my mind
I moved space and time
To heal youSo i sent a letter to your front door
Telling you everything ive said beforeChorusStep by step we go
Far away from trouble
How i wish you could see what you've never seenChorusCause you're the one.
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Это интересно:Оливер Стэнли "Олли" Мёрс (родился 14 мая 1984 в Эссексе, Англия) - английский певец, автор песен и телеведущий. Стал известен после участия в 6-м сезоне британского шоу X Factor. После завершения проекта, певец подписал контракт с Syco Music и Epic Records. На данный момент, на счету певца 4 альбома: Olly Murs (2010), In Case You Didn't Know (2011), Right... продолжение
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