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Old Crow Medicine Show

жанры: bluegrass, folk, americana, alt-country, country, acoustic
Это интересно: Old Crow Medicine Show is an Americana string band based in Nashville, Tennessee. Their music has been called old-time, bluegrass, folk, and alt-country. Along with original songs, the band performs many pre-World War II blues and folk songs. Recording since 1998, they have released four studio albums—O.C.M.S. (2004), Big Iron World (2006), Tennessee Pusher (2008), and Carry Me Back (2012).

Альбомы исполнителя «Old Crow Medicine Show»:

Всего 6 альбомов (отображено 1 - 6)

2012 год
  1. Carry Me Back
2008 год
  1. Tennessee Pusher
2004 год
  1. O.C.M.S.
2001 год
  1. EUTAW
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