Sex in the Lounge


Nicki Minaj

жанры: love, rnb
альбомы: Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded the Re-Up
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 5.1 / 1051 просмотр
[Intro: Bobby V]
Bobby V!
DJ, turn me up!
Don't you turn this down, no, no.

[Verse 1: Nicki Minaj]
I think I gave him a discrete name,
He replied with a street name.
PR at the Heat game,
No ball, but peep game.
He addicted to hustle, I'm addicted to fame,
Though, he packin' that muscle, I'm addicted to brain.
I'm addicted to chillin', make a hell of a killin',
Don't I stunt on these bitches?
Man, I'm bad as a villain.
Get the gun, I'ma hunt ‘em,
When I'm done, I'ma don ‘em.
When we leavin' the lounge, I'ma keep it a hunnid.
It went down, enough said,
Pull off in that thang, and it's blush red.

[Chorus: Bobby V]
Sex in the lounge, girl, Imma take ya down
I'm gon' have you screamin, girl, they gon' hear the sound
Of our sex in the lounge.
I can't believe, is this happenin to me, girl?
Happenin to me, girl?

[Verse 2: Bobby V]
So caught up in this girl,
Shawty, got my energy down,
Can't control ‘cause I'm so into her,
‘Cause we doin it like nobody's around.
And when we doin it, I can hear her make a sound,
Shawty was singin like me,
Had that girl singin, singin like me,
She be like oh, oh, oh, oh, whoa, ah, ah!
She lookin at me like she want it,
Come over here.
She come in on top of me,
Imma make her scream, her scream.


[Chorus 3: Lil Wayne]
Sit that pussy on my bottom lip,
Then, after that, you know we gotta switch.
My house so big, that bitch came with a lobby,
We didn't use a rubber, but I came on her body.
I lay her down and kiss her neck and talk dirty to her,
Like I get that pussy wetter than a dirty sewer,
Fuck with me, turn around and bust it open for me.
Get on that dick and get that money, go Oprah for me,
All your girls don't like me, ‘cause they know you love me,
But if you scared, go to church, it's open Sunday.
I dig in that pussy, guess what I find?
Tunechi Lee and Nicki, sex in the lounge.

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Это интересно:О́ника Та́ня Ма́раж (англ. Onika Tanya Maraj), более известная как Ни́ки Мина́ж (англ. Nicki Minaj; род. 8 декабря 1982, Порт-оф-Спейн, Тринидад и Тобаго) — самая успешная и влиятельная американская рэперша, автор-исполнитель и актриса. Заметил талант молодой девушки Лил Уэйн, который, услышав микстейпы Playtime Is Over, Sucka Free и Beam Me Up Scotty заключил с ней контракт от имени своего лейбла Young Money Entertainment в августе 2009... продолжение
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