Alone and Forsaken


Neko Case

жанры: country, alt-country
альбомы: Live From Austin TX, Canadian Amp
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 4.8 / 830 просмотров
We met in the springtime
When blossoms unfold
The pastures were green and
Meadows were gold

Our love was in flower as summer grew on
A love like the leaves has withered and gone
The roses have faded
There's frost at my door
The birds in the morning don't sing anymore

The grass in the valley has started to die
Out in the darkness the whippets will cry

Alone and forsaken
Oh lord if you hear me then hold to my hand
Oh please understand

Where has she gone to, oh where can she be
She may have forsaken some other like me
She promised to honor, to love and obey
Each vow was a plaything that she threw away

The darkness is falling
The sky has turned gray
A hound in the distance is starting to bay

I wonder, I wonder what she's thinking of
Forsaken, forgotten without any love

Alone and forsaken
By Fate and by man
Oh lord if you hear me then hold to my hand
Oh please understand
Oh please understand
Это интересно:Neko Case (Никоу Кейс, род. 8 сентября 1970 в Александрии, шт.Вирджиния) - американская певица, известная как по своему сольному творчеству, так и в качестве участницы группы The New Pornographers. Какое-то время выступала и записывалась под псевдонимом Neko Case & Her Boyfriends.Она покинула родителей в возрасте 15 лет, и спустя три года уже записывала партию ударных для нескольких панк-групп. В 1994 она переехала... продолжение
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