Sekou Story



альбомы: Street's Disciple
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 5.1 / 1134 просмотра
Uh, I knew a few pharmacists, fuck frozen
They kept pneumonias on their arms and wrists
The main dude, Sekou, face look hard as shit
Remember like yesterday, they were the Kings of ecstasy
Kept sellin' it, he blends in everywhere, has a mixed heritage
Bitches let him hit on the reg', waterbed seats in his car
All red Ferrari, Florida where we met at a redlight
Homeboy bumpin' my old shit
They wildin' with some freaks from the islandsPiled in behind him, Limousine, Benz
He shouted, 'Nas, roll with us"
I'm bored so I followed him
Nikki beach, here's where the scene begins
He put me on to don, nice ass with a set of mean twins
Had a pocket full of cash, Sekou wasn't lettin' me spend
I was there for the weekend, packed and prepared for anything
Then he brings me to his castle in coconut grove
War stories about dudes both of us knowNever heard drunken words spoken so slow
A year go by, the nigga was fly
Prada shoes, a lotta jewelry, stayed high
Got a call, he's in N.Y
Needs a couple of G's 'til tomorrow, I dips by
For a season where he's at
Greets me with a smile, told him, 'Here keep that'
Next week got a call from his wife
Said somebody done took son lifeShe said
Who gon' hold me down now? Hold me down now?
Tell me that, huh
Who gon' hold me down now?
Who gon' hold me down now? Who gon' hold me down?
Tell me that, huh
Who gon' hold me down now?Forget about them other dudes, they talkin' to me rude
'Cause I always knew the truth, they hated Sekou
H2 full of holes, they drove him off the road
Left him there on this 'cain, clothes stained with his brain
My soul shattered, my man's toe's tagged up
Arrangement's a closed casket
See now a hoe has to, maintain with his fake gang
Sheddin' fake tears, I won't have it
Look, this kid's Jamaican, half Haitian, Half Asian
Brag about how the streets needed a changin'
Son, you the only one a bitch could call
You remind me of my dude, help me get them allYou remind me of my dude, help me get them all
You remind me of my dude, help me get them all
Это интересно:И снова о легендах… На этот раз человек, получивший признание и в мире андеграунда, и в мире мейнстрима. Он, конечно, не единственный, кто смог объединить эти «два хип-хопа», нo уж точно самый известный и интересный из рэперов «пограничья» индустрии и культуры. При этом в андеграунде он не ушёл к мифологию, конспирологию и прочие столь модные сегодня теории, часто поглощающие всё творчество... продолжение
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