Laugh About It



жанры: hip-hop, rap, alternative, rock
альбомы: Seeing Sounds
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 4.7 / 695 просмотров
Verse 1]
You made me take a look at me
At all the flaws and what could be
And all the things that you would reap
Was hidden in me, I didn't wanna see, what was troublin me[Interlude]
but your sledgehammer, comin down with the BOOM
I mean I fell in love, with somethin inside of you
I mean I love your heart, but it's your mind if I had to choose
You're smilin at me smokin, but you are not amused[Chorus]
Someday I'll laugh about it
All that preciousness we had it
Couldn't last like that, I doubt it
But c'mon girl, let's laugh about it[repeat Chorus][Verse 2]
The way you see the world is neat
You're in the sun and cloudy peaks
Please be my friend, oh would you please?
But you're still on the move, smoke comin from your shoes
Meanwhile I'm still bruised[Interlude + Chorus][Verse 3]
Let's just have a blast about it (ohh, some day)
Couldnt've never found our paths without it (laugh about it)
All the bullshit that surrounds it (ohh, some day)
Let's just have a laugh about it (laugh about it)
And I can never lose those memories
Because you're screamin from the clouds, goin out
The color from it painted these melodies
In fact I'm dreamin 'bout it now, UHH~![Breakdown]
Girl no! (Ay, we need to rethink this)
Girl no! (I mean, we been through too much)
Girl no! (And our friendship means everything)
(You know we can't take back what's done) Girl no!
(But I can't fathum not bein friends)[Chorus with ad libs]
Это интересно:Аббревиатура N*E*R*D., по словам участников проекта, расшифровывается просто: «No One Ever Really Dies». Или: «Никто на самом деле не умирает». В этом уверены Фаррелл Уилльямс (Pharrell Williams) и Чед Хьюго (Chad Hugo), больше известные как продюсерский тандем The Neptunes, и присоединившийся к ним рэппер Шей (Shay). Это не поза, не умничанье. Это жизненная... продолжение
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