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"Martina Topley-Bird"
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Too Tough to Die


Martina Topley-Bird

жанры: trip-hop, electronic
альбомы: Quixotic, Anything
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 5.5 / 1474 просмотра
Wait for me
Too tough to dieI always wonder why my mama left town, new haven ain't a bag of salt
When nobody knows your name, you look so different over the phone
Seven states away they're doin', doin' the strange fruit swing
When they come down, you have to leave townI am too tough to die
I am too tough to dieBlessed are those who believe, who believe and have not seen
I wasn't there and it's got me wondering
The man you make then and now, he's burning
School's are learning you can't unlearn and no room to turn, let alone runAnd I am too tough to die
Well I am too tough to dieIt's in their eyes, it's unspoken, don't even know they're out to do you harm
Can't even see the pulse beating in the axle of your armOutlaw wearin' diamond patches of sunlight on his coat
Livin' in a cage make a 7 time daddy lose his mind to roam
Derision's a cold wind against my skin, you keep a-flayin' 'til there's no skin
At all, what's to hold it together when you stumble and you fallI am too tough to die
And I am too tough to die
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Это интересно:Мартина Топли-Бёрд (англ. Martina Topley-Bird) — английская вокалистка, впервые получившая известность после записи вокальных партий для дебютного альбома Трики «Maxinquaye». Мартина продолжила своё сотрудничество с Трики при записи его последующих альбомов «Nearly God», «Pre-Millennium Tension» и «Angels with Dirty Faces».В результате ухудшения их отношений в 1998, она решила начать сольную карьеру. В 2003 она выпустила... продолжение
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