Distant Vision



альбомы: Somewhere to Elsewhere
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 4.9 / 937 просмотров
On a night as I lay sleeping, in a dream I
saw the shore of a distant land where/
Promise lay in wait/ And I heard the
sound of voices of a million hungry
souls/ Now it comes to me to lead them to the gateBut I am just a man, not worthy of this
plan / With a strength that's not my own,
Imust riseAnd I...will bear the light, ( and the
vision leads me onward) / That
blind....men have their sight / I'd sail a
thousand seas to make it soTo the Kings I gave the mission, in the
hope that they would share / In the joy
of setting countless captives free / But
the lust for Gold and power, is luring us
away / From a calling that began in purityAnd 'm still just a man, not worthy of
this plan / With a strength that's not my
own, I must riseNow a tempest rages in my heart, as this
fever furies on / Soon these islands
promise rest and hope, my answers wait
beyond their shore / Dream on...Hungry eyes are standing on the sand,
they beckon us to bring the tide /
Sovereign hand must hold me now, I plead
with you / Be my soloace and my guide...by
my sideAnd I...will walk with you / On the
shores of the land ofpromise / That
blind...men see you too / I'd sail a thou-
sand seas to make it so
Это интересно:Группу основали в 1972 году бывшие одноклассники - клавишник Керри Ливгрен, скрипач Робби Стейнхардт, гитарист Рик Уильямс и басист Дэйв Хоуп, кооптировавшие позже ударника Фила Эхарта и певца Стива Уолша. Для пробы записали пять композиций, с которыми обращались по разным адресам, пока не нашли понимание у основателя и менеджера группы Monkees. В апреле 1974 года выпустили первый альбом, который,... продолжение
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