The R O C



жанры: hip-hop, rap
альбомы: The Dynasty
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And the winner is Hov! My man! Speech!

[Verse 1:]
First of all I wan' thank my connect
The most important person with all due respect,
Thanks for to duffle bag, the brown paper bag,
The Nike shoe box for holdin' all this cash,
Boys in blue who put greed before the badge,
The first pusher whoever made the stash.
The Roc Boys in the building tonight!
Oh, what a feeling, I'm feelin' life!
Thanks to the lames, niggas bad aim,
Thanks to a little change, I tore you out the game,
Bullet wounds will stop your buffoonery,
Thanks to the pastor rappin' at your eulogy,
To Lil Kim and them, you know, the women friend
Who carry the work ‘cross state for a gentlemen.
Yeah, thanks to all the hustlers,
And most importantly you, the customer.

The Roc Boys in the building tonight!
Oh, what a feeling, I'm feelin' life!
You don't even gotta bring ya paper out,
We the dope boys of the year, drinks is on the house!
[Kanye West:]
We in the house!
The Roc Boys in the building tonight!
Look at how I'm chillin', I'm killin' this ice.
You don't even gotta bring ya purses out,
We the dope boys of the year, drinks is on the house!
[Kanye West:]
We in the house!
We in the house! Hey!

[Verse 2:]
Let ya hair down, baby, I just hit a score,
Pick any place on the planet, pick a shore.
Take what the Forbes figure, then figure more
‘Cause they forgot to account what I did with the raw.
Pick a time, let's pick apart some stores,
Pick a weekend for freakin' for figure fours,
I figure frauds never hit a lick before
So they don't know the feeling when them things get across.
Put ya hand out the window, feel the force,
Feel the Porsche, hit the frost,
Ice cold, jewels got no flaws,
Drop got no top, you on the top floor,
Pink Rosé. Think OJ,
I get away with murder when I sling yay.
Niggas got less steps then Britney,
That means it ain't stepped on, dig me?


[Verse 3:]
Red Porsches, rare portraits,
Red Glocks if you dare come near the fortress.
This apple sauce is from the apple orchid,
This kinda talk is only reserved for the bosses,
Which means I get it from the ground,
Which means you get it when I'm around.
Rich niggas, black bar mitzvahs,
Mazel tov, it's a celebration, bitches, l'chaim!
I wish for you a hundred years of success but it's my time,
Cheers! Toast to crime.
Number one b-boy, shame he could rhyme.

[Chorus – x3]

Sweet, let that ride out!
Bring the horns back in, yeah!
This is black super hero music right here, baby!
American gangster.
Takin' flight, comin' to a town near you
Soon as I touch down I just want y'all to start playin' the horns like...
Hov is home. Lucky baby.
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Это интересно:Шон Ко́ри Ка́ртер ((англ. Shawn Corey Carter), более известный как JAY Z (англ. Джей Зи) 4 декабря 1969, Бруклин, Нью-Йорк) — американский рэпер, один из самых влиятельных и состоятельных деятелей современной хип-хоп музыки, имел собственный капитал более $500 млн. по состоянию на 2012 год. Джей Зи, избавился от дефиса в своем псевдониме: теперь он называет себя не Jay-Z, а JAY Z. Об этом сообщает в твиттере журналист... продолжение
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