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"Hard 'n Phirm"
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Hard 'n Phirm

жанры: comedy, experimental, bluegrass, country
Это интересно: Blue Moon Rising is a national touring band based out of East Tennessee comprised of Chris West (lead vocals and guitar); Tony Mowell (bass and vocals); Brandon Bostic (mandolin, guitar, vocals); Kris Rasnake (banjo.) In 2010, the band celebrated the release of their fifth career album on based Rural Rhythm Records.Blue Moon Rising garnered international recognition with the release of their third album, “On the Rise” (Lonesome Day Records) that proved to be a symbolic title for the group as the album debuted at #14 on the BILLBOARD Top 50 Bluegrass Chart in 2005. “On the Rise” received tremendous recognition including, but not limited to, " Top 10 Bluegrass Albums"... продолжение

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  1. Horses and Grasses
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