Howlin' at the Moon


Hank Williams

жанры: country
альбомы: 40 Greatest Hits, The Complete Hank Williams
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 4.8 / 821 просмотр
I know there's never been a man in the awful shape I'm in
I can't even spell my name, my head's in such a spin
Today I tried to eat a steak with a big old tablespoon
You got me chasin' rabbits, walkin' on my hands and howlin' at the moonWell sug', I took one look at you and it almost drove me mad
And then I even went and lost what little sense I had
Now I can't tell the day from night, I'm crazy as a loon
You got me chasin' rabbits, pullin' out my hair and howlin' at the moonSome friends of mine asked me to go out on a huntin' spree
'Cause there ain't a hound dog in this state that can hold a light to me
I eat three bones for dinner today, then tried to tree a 'coon
You got me chasin' rabbits, scratchin' fleas and howlin' at the moonI rode my horse to town today and a gas pump we did pass
I pulled 'im up and I a-hollered whoa, said fill 'im up with gas
The man picked up a monkey wrench and wham, he changed my tune
You got me chasin' rabbits, spittin' out teeth and howlin' at the moon
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Это интересно:Хэнк Уильямс (англ. Hank Williams; полное имя Хайрам «Хэнк» Кинг Уильямс; (17 сентября 1923 — 1 января 1953) — американский автор-исполнитель, «отец современной музыки кантри». За пять лет активной музыкальной карьеры, прерванной его смертью в 29-летнем возрасте, Уильямс написал большое число песен, определивших облик музыки хонки-тонк и кантри в целом. Его традиции продолжает семья Уильямса — сын... продолжение
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