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Feeling I Get



альбомы: True Story
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 5 / 1041 просмотр
it's awful hard no it's not very easy for me
to be what i am and to be what they want me to be
i die a little each time you sigh you don't see the future i see
and the feeling i get is you don't wanna feel it with meit's give and it's take so you take what you think you will need
you think it can last if they'd quit messing 'round with the speed
and when i slip and i start to cry 'cause it's not the way it should be
then the feeling i get is you don't wanna feel it with mehold me hold me
won't you ever be mine
don't you see you're my destiny
so fine oh so fineit's all very well to believe that what will be will be
but the way that it feels when you're fast in my arms holding me
it sends a shiver all down my spine your touch is electricity
but the feeling i get is you don't wanna feel it with me
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Это интересно:Nayvadius Cash (born Nayvadius Wilburn on November 20, 1985), better known by his stage name Future is an American rapper from Kirkwood, Atlanta, Georgia. He is currently signed to the record label Epic Records.His name was came about after members of The Dungeon Family called him "The Future" . His cousin, producer Rico Wade of Dungeon Family, encouraged him to sharpen his writing skills and pursue music.From 2010 to early 2011, Future released a series of mixtapes including 1000, Dirty Sprite and True Story.The latter included the single "Tony Montana", in reference to the Scarface film. During this time, Future also partnered with Gucci Mane on the Free Bricks collaborative... продолжение
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