Tabloid Super Junky


Foster the People

жанры: indie, alternative
альбомы: Supermodel
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 5 / 1032 просмотра
Well capitalistic yeast has been sucking the heat
You're passing up, you're injured for ability
Well, I've been waiting for a compromise but I guess it's more the same
We're separated all the things that we want for gain
You remember your name
Well they were looking right at you, you forget the face
If the future's sipping all space and food through a straw
And the monster's finally flipped on it's back
Well, the static is a worthy test to help you brush aside the restIs this something that you'd ever need?
Well, I'm okay
Are you scared to take what they've taken from you?
Well yeah, I'm afraidWe've sold our names...I'm sick of being accosted by the ghost in the street
Your magazine looking backward thinking junkies are just fodder for the global elite
Do you think you had a choice
When you're eating and sleeping in all the noise?
Let the moneymakers keep the politicians afloat
We're biting everything that we're told
Well, then a smile and a couple of jokes will be enough to convince the good folksWell, is this something you ever need?
Well, I'm okay
Are you waiting for a minute to fight for what they've taken from you?
Yeah, I'm afraidWe've sold our names...
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Это интересно:Foster the People — американская инди-поп группа, основанная в Лос-Анджелесе, Калифорния, в 2009 году. Марк Фостер (вокал, клавишные, гитара), Марк Понтиус (ударные), и Кабби Финк (бас-гитара и бэк-вокал) сформировали группу, когда им было уже за 25. Марк Понтиус в прошлом играл на ударных и снимал видеоклипы для инди-поп группы Malbec.Первоначально Марк Фостер назвал свою группу Foster & the People («Фостер... продолжение
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