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"Flying Lotus"
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Flying Lotus

альбомы: Pattern+Grid World
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 4.6 / 643 просмотра
I can see the darkness in me and its quite amazing
Life and death is no mystery and I wanna taste it
Step inside of my mind and you'll find
Curiosity, animosity, high philosophy like the prophesied meditation
Reminisce on my wonder years and I wonder yah
Sentiments of my words ain't been so sincere
The sentiment of my nerves that I just persevere
The big thought of fallin' off disappeared to my fate
They say that Heaven's real
Analyze my demise, I say I'm super anxious
Recognize I deprive this fear and then embrace it
Vandalizing these walls only if they could talk
Conversations don't contemplate to my dark thoughts
Lookin' down on my soul now
Tell me I'm in control now
Tell me I can live long and I can live wrong and I can live right
And I can sing songs and I can unite with you that I love, you that I like
Look at my life and tell me I fight
This that final destination, this that find some information
This that find some inspiration, this that crack, the instillation
This that consciousness sharpening and fist pump and that bomb detonation
Please don't bomb my nation, embalming fluid waiting
I got mind control when I'm here, you gon' hate me when I'm gone
Ain't no blood pumpin' no fear, I got hope inside of my bones
This that life beyond your own life, this say this go for mankind
This that outer-body experience, no coincidence you been died
You are deadSay you will never ever catch me, no, no, no
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Это интересно:Steven Ellison (Flying Lotus), приходящийся племянником Alice Coltrane (жены Джона) - хип-хоп битмейкер, дебютировавший в 2006 на американском Plug Research, известном своими широкопрофильными пристрастиями в поиске свежих взглядов на электронику, также как и сотрудничеством с очень маститыми продюсерами. Получаса выпущенной музыки ему хватило, чтобы заинтересовать в себе незнающих кого бы ещё подписать WARP (как... продолжение
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