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"Flo Rida"
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"Flo Rida"
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Flo Rida

жанры: dance, hip-hop, rap
альбомы: Only One Flo
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 4.9 / 938 просмотров
...all my money
I want all my cash
I need all my money
I want all my cash
And you can lea' yo ass(Whoa)
She said it was her cousin
All along that nigga was her man
Played me like disney land
Dolla duck I took a hit like contraband
Seen all the warnings
Damn near showed all the signs
I was looking for some party time
The wrong bitch showed up make ya talk about herOut to rob me, don't mess with a loaded gun
Y'all niggas trying ta have some fun
She only love me
I throw five thousand ones, upSee that's bad for business
Thats what I had ta learn
And that's what she got to learn
I ain't going no where
For your concern girl[Chorus]
I need a respirator
I need an ambulance
Girl I'd die without ya x2
HEY! Girl with yo booty on the floor
Don't stop now
Girl I'd die without you
You got a body that kill
If ya don't keep dancing
Girl I'll die without you
I wanna place an order
A number one you can keep the cheese
Yea shorty I got the cheese
She work the drive through
Why when you can leave with me, now(Whoa)
Miss independent
Til I start breaking bread
Reminiscing on the girl I met
Ooo ooo back and forth until she came corrected
(Whoa)Gave me your body
Got me thinking I'm the only one
Now baby girl get the louie vatton
Got every nigga with a figure got me jumping the gun(Whoa)
Should I delete my twitter?
Would that be an Indian giver?
She got a man But I wanna be wit her
Shorty like my silent killa[Chorus]Girl drop it low
Pick it up
Don't stop
No no no no
Take your love
And my heart might stop
No no no no
Falling in love
Up in this club
Watching them bring me
Bottles of love
Baby are you, taking me home?
Girl if you don't...[Chorus]
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Это интересно:Трэмар Диллард (англ. Tramar Dillard; род. 16 декабря 1979 года, Опа-лока, Флорида) более известный как Флоу Райда (англ. Flo Rida) — американский рэппер, наиболее известный синглом Low, который занимал первое место в Billboard Hot 100 в течение 10 недель в начале 2008 года, а по итогам года стал самым продаваемым синглом в США. Первый дебютный сольный альбом Флоу Райды носил название Mail on Sunday. В начале 2009 года Флоу... продолжение
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