Love Together


Earth, Wind & Fire

альбомы: Illumination
рейтинг: ★★★★☆ / 4.5 / 545 просмотров
Every man has a place, in his heart there's a space,
And the world can't erase his fantasies
Take a ride in the sky, on our ship fantasii
All your dreams will come true, right awayAnd we will live together, until the twelfth of never
Our voices will ring forever, as oneEvery thought is a dream, rushing by in a stream,
Bringing life to our kingdom of doing
Take a ride in the sky, on our ship fantasii
All your dreams will come true, miles awayOur voices will ring together until the twelfth of never,
We all, will live forever, as oneCome see victory, in the land called fantasy
Loving life, a new decree,
Bring your mind to everlasting libertyOur minds will explore together, old worlds, we conquer, forever
We then, will expand love together, as oneCome to see, victory in a land called fantasy,
Loving life, for you and me, to behold, to your soul is ecstasy
You will find, other kind, that has been in search for you,
Many lives has brought you to
Recognize it's your life, now in review
And as you stay for the play, fantasy, has in store for you,
A glowing light will see you throughIt's your day, shining day, all your dreams come true
As you glide, in your stride with the wind, as you fly away
Give a smile, from your lips, and say
I am free, yes I'm free, now I'm on my way
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Это интересно:Earth, Wind & Fire — американская группа, играющая музыку в стиле Фанк. Основана в 1969 г. в Чикаго. Ей принадлежат такие известные хиты, как «Fantasy», «September», «Shining Star», «Let’s Groove» и др.БиографияМузыка «Earth, Wind And Fire» вобрала в себя множество стилей — соул, фанк, ритм-энд-блюз, поп, госпел, джаз и африканские ритмы. Коллектив был образован по инициативе барабанщика Мориса Уайта (р. 19 декабря 1941),... продолжение
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