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"Charles & Eddie"
  1. Would I Lie to You?
  2. Shine
  3. Hurt No More

Charles & Eddie

жанры: soul, pop, 90s, soft rock, 80s, one hit wonder
Это интересно: Jacob Carey (Jake) and Ezekial Carey (Zeke), bass and 2nd tenor, respectively, formed the group in Chicago, Illinois, after meeting cousins baritone Paul Wilson and first tenor John E. "Johnny" Carter at a Hebrew Israelite congregation. Earl Lewis (not the Channels lead) soon joined, and after a series of name changes, (The Swallows, El Flamingos, The Five Flamingos), wound up being known as The Flamingos. Sollie McElroy soon replaced Lewis (who joined The Five Echoes). The Flamingos' first single (for Chance Records), "If I Can't Have You", was a moderate local success, as was the follow-up "That's My Desire", but it was Johnny Carter's composition... продолжение

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1992 год
  1. Duophonic
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  1. Would I Lie To You
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