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Supervision Until Death



жанры: metalcore
альбомы: A Small Boy And A Grey Heaven
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 5.2 / 1230 просмотров
tortured by the agaony of selfleceration - full of pain
and fear - my sense of self-preservation keeps me
alive - the whole way of life paved by affliction
and danger - more & more I recognize the cruelty
of reality - reality the greatest plot of life
one walks - talks - sees - breathes - but doesn'T
live - no - rather serve the growing edifice
that controlsour so - called life - death gives
way to the living - straight into freedom
way out of this edefice
everyone a brick in this stonework
and day by day more people live in it
hour by hour yheir power rises
and inevitably steals our breath
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Caliban's debut LP album, "A Small Boy and a Grey Heaven" was released December 14, 1999. Caliban planted their roots in the scene with unbridled metalcore.
Label - "Lifeforce Records"

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