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Something There Is About You


Bob Dylan

жанры: folk
альбомы: Bob Dylan: The Collection, Planet Waves
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 5.2 / 1176 просмотров
Somethin' there is about you
That strikes the match in me
Is it the way your body moves
Or is it the way your hair blows free?Or is it because you remind me
Of somethin' that used to be?
Somethin' that's crossed over
From another centuryThought I'd shaken the wonder
And the phantoms of my youth
Rainy days on the great lakes
Walkin' the hills of old DuluthThere was me and Danny Lopez
Cold eyes, black nights and then there was Ruth
Somethin' there is about you
That brings back a long-forgotten truthSuddenly I found you
And the spirit in me sings
Don't have to look no further
You're the soul of many thingsI could say that I'd be faithful
I could say it in one sweet, easy breath
But to you that would be cruelty
And to me it surely would be deathSomethin' there is about you
That moves with style and grace
I was in a whirlwind
Now I'm in some better placeMy hands on the saber
And you've picked up on the baton
Somethin' there is about you
That I can't quite put my finger on
Это интересно:Годы активности: 1962 — по сей день9-кратный призёр Грэмми, 1 Оскар, 1 Золотой глобус, орден почётного легиона, президентская медаль Свободы, национальная медаль искусств США, Сент-Андрусский университет (статус почётного доктора музыки), медаль центра имени Кеннеди, орден искусств и литературы (Коммандор), зал славы композиторов, Принстонский университет (статус почётного... продолжение
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