Make Way



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альбомы: 5 * Stunna
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[Chorus - Lil Wayne] X2
See me point the gun at y'all, me no play
Me come for murder them on the cowboy way
Me lickle shots sprayed for me say me make way, me make way
ah Oh no, me flow so dark and em hat so low
Me never ever ask to become so low
Now me head so hot, and me dreads so cold
Me so poor
(Me come and say)[Verse 1 - Fat Joe]
Here is something you can't understand, how I could just kill a man
Shame what the MAC will do, K's spit faster
I make a ass of you, save the theatrics
Watch like a quarter mill', chain like double that
I ain't got to talk about the half up in the duffle bag
Stunna my brother, Weezy Wee the syndicate
Hundred Phantoms, hundred Maybachs, I guess we nigga rich
I'll yellow bottle your face in, trust me
Look at all the shit I be talking and no one touch me
Pray and pray for my downfall, big said it
So I made it rain till it poured
Speak from the heart, this emotional rap
Catch feelings when you hear me, I'm supposed to do that
A G what the streets done made me
And the only language I speak is fuck you pay me
Bitch[Chorus] X1[Verse 2 - Lil Wayne]
say pardon, bad man no take pardon
Hear gunshot army them make back up
a man no fear no man, man no fear no one
man a real islam man a get job done
a me no hear them talk, we be heat in the car
respect a soldier, i'm in the middle of war
me a Babylon gangster, Hollygroove monster
You don't look familiar, roofers them kill you
Gun shots show we could have opened up the tool box and drill you
chop up your body and let the mailman will mail you
preaching to them, your going to need the Almighty One to heal you
And meet me in a jungle with them lions and me killer[Verse 3 - Birdman and Lil Wayne]
Gangster, gangster, that's what we yelling
Shoot him in his head and let his bitch go and tell them
We in the hood, getting money, we swelling
Bigger than life, you know it's a cheaper price
Bigger in stripes, you know that we doi it tonight
We getting it right, we planning to hit, then flight
We know the rules nigga, live by none
Get it by none, bitch I kill for my son[Lil Wayne]
Gangsters don't live that long
That's why we got to party everyday like Frank came home
And it's hard for me to say that my heart ain't yearning
To walk up in a church and believe the sermon
But instead I spoke up and relieve the burning
Hoping that He understands my reasons for it
Naw, I ain't evil, I'm equal
And nigga I ain't sweet, motherfucker I'm diesel.
and when we come them say[Chorus]
Это интересно:Брайан Уильямс, известный нам как Birdman , родился 15 февраля 1969 года в Новом Орлеане. В 1991 году он, вместе со своим братом Рональдом Уильямсом основал хип-хоп лэйбл Cash Money Records.Когда он еще не поражал музыкальную индустрию, ни критики, ни поклонники, ни даже сам Бэйби не предполагали, что промышленность рэпа позволит ему и Cash Money Millionaires играть существенную роль в звуковой подписи, которая... продолжение
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