I'm Waking Up to Us


Belle and Sebastian

жанры: indie, alternative
альбомы: Push Barman to Open Old Wounds, I'm Waking Up to Us, 2002-04-30: The Backyard, Austin, TX, USA
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 4.7 / 678 просмотров
I need someone to take some joy and something I do
You need a man whos either rich or losing a screw
You know I love you, heres the irony
Youre going to walk away intactI think you never liked me anyway
You like yourself and you like
Men to kiss your arse
Expensive clothes, please stop me thereI think Im waking up to us, were a disaster
You dont want to know me
Cause you move in circles of the brave
Where art defines their livesShe was the one love of my life, and I let her go
And if I look like death today, then please let her know
I never wanted to do harm to her
I only wanted her to seeThe beauty of the world surrounding her
But when she opened up her eyes
Its much too late
Our chance has gone, shes with a guyWho takes the prize for everything I ever showed her
Digging all the fun because shes older
I fed her with a spoon
I made her mother smile, I helped the kid surviveShe was the one love of my life
She showed me the road
I loved her dog, her steady gaze
The chapter is closedI always wanted all the best for her
The best thing was to stay away
She grew up and she left the rest of us
And now the understandings goneI havent changed, how could I?
Im pretty much the same person
I cannot keep the anger hidden anymore
But lucky for you, you are not around
My anger turns to pity and to love
The season has arrived, the season has arrived
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