Just For You


Barry White

жанры: soul, 70s

Тексты песен из этого альбома:

  1. 1.You're the First, the Last, My Everything★★★★★
  2. 2.Let the Music Play★★★
  3. 3.Don't Make Me Wait Too Long
  4. 4.Sho' You Right
  5. 5.What Am I Gonna Do With You
  6. 6.Just The Way You Are★★★
  7. 7.It's Ecstasy When You Lay Down Next To Me
  8. 8.Love's Theme
  9. 9.I've Got So Much To Give
  10. 10.Honey Please, Can't Ya See
  11. 11.Playing Your Game, Baby
  12. 12.Your Sweetness Is My Weakness
  13. 13.Oh What A Night For Dancing
  14. 14.Love Serenade
  15. 15.I've Found Someone
  16. 16.Sheet Music
  17. 17.You See The Trouble With Me★★
  18. 18.Change
  19. 19.Baby Blues
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