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"Asian Dub Foundation"
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"Asian Dub Foundation"
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Dub Mentality


Asian Dub Foundation

жанры: dub, alternative
альбомы: Rafi's Revenge, R.A.F.I., Conscious Party
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 4.8 / 836 просмотров
Dub is the place we come to argue and debate
It isn't just a backdrop for our herbal intake
And in this time we fill the space with noise
Black noise will be a sound you can't avoid
We're raising our voices to reflect our reality
Using dub as our foundation
'Cos we've got dub mentality.

Listen to the sound of the drum and the bass
Different communities meet up in the same place
We are mixing the flavour to suit every taste
This music have de power for all of the human race.

Dub is the teacher
Jungle is the preacher
Dub education through de jungle a go reach ya.

Cut and splice and regeneration
Militant mix and equalisation
These are the methods for a serious operation
Pushing back the borders of your musical civilisation
So listen without prejudice and without delay
To the sound of the Asian Dub Foundation today.....

And in this time we fill the space with noise
Black noise will be a sound you can't avoid .....
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Это интересно:Asian Dub Foundation не забыли тех времен, когда музыка была не служанкой для масс, а оружием социального протеста. Этот коллектив, считающийся одной из самых «заполитизированных» групп мира, занял достойное место в ряду других борцов за свободу и права человека - Rage Against The Machine, Public Enemy и Beastie Boys.Asian Dub Foundation - детище выходцев из... продолжение
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