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"Asian Dub Foundation"
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"Asian Dub Foundation"
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Culture Move


Asian Dub Foundation

жанры: dub, jungle
альбомы: Rafi's Revenge, R.A.F.I., Conscious Party, Time Freeze The Best Of
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 4.7 / 741 просмотр
This collaboration herewith is no ego trip
We no bring no badness, no fuss or fighting with it
Educational - why don't you keep up with this
Time to pay atention to the conscious lyrics
What them a do man a what them a chat 'bout
The youth them after nine o'clock can't stay out
Government man him a just a run up on his mouth
Hear! what him a say will happen without a doubt
Cannot think for himself, copy the american
To build up the tension bring the idea to britain
Now! when the law is done he'll have his satisfaction
Then it will be for life for all human - youth, man and woman.(navigator)
Kingdom against kingdom
Nation against nation
Time we are living in, it's called revelation
'cause when you take stock of the whole situation
The elders them a poison the younger generation
Instead of them trying to build a firm foundation
Them a bring human beings down to pure degredation
With chemical warfare and nuclear weapons
Starvation, sufferation, dehumanisation
The world population have to take precautions
From pollution, corruption, infection, deception
Politicians claim that they got the solution
But deep in their hearts they have a wicked intention
To rinse out poor people with tax and inflation
Segregating the massive, separating the nation
You think a so it goes
Why don't you answer my question
You'd better watch yourself
Before them turn you a madman.This one is for all microphone entertainers
You have the tool, have the talent to be an educator
Stop the slackness and come an tell them proper
Encourage the massive to become their own creator
Because in this time you have to understand
That the government man is gonna try and mash up man plan
So direct the crowd and give them navigation
Believe me you'll get a wicked reaction.Sound of the culture 'pon a the move
You've got to be conscious in every thing that you do.....
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Это интересно:Asian Dub Foundation не забыли тех времен, когда музыка была не служанкой для масс, а оружием социального протеста. Этот коллектив, считающийся одной из самых «заполитизированных» групп мира, занял достойное место в ряду других борцов за свободу и права человека - Rage Against The Machine, Public Enemy и Beastie Boys.Asian Dub Foundation - детище выходцев из... продолжение
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