Dresser Drawer


Amos Lee

жанры: singer-songwriter, folk, soul, acoustic, jazz
альбомы: Mountains Of Sorrow, Rivers Of Song
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 5.5 / 1490 просмотров
The phone rings
And I don't care who it is that is calling
You moved our things from ours to his
While outside the snow is fallingThe wedding band that meant so much
Signified our blessed vow
Like coffee spills and unpaid bills and all my pills
It's in a dusty dresser drawer nowI watched these trees from green to brown
Suddenly this small town has gotten smaller
The arctic breeze it sings to me, and says now look
Any fool can go out and walk on waterI shoulda known that time alone
Would only serve to break you down
Don't know why I sit and stare at that damn thing sitting there
In a dusty dresser drawer nowSnow has turned to water
To please the trees
And cheer up that late bloomer
While I'm sipping on a beer counting down another year
Couldn't come a second soonerI wonder how easily that ring it slid off of your finger
Did you stop for a moment
Let the memory of us lingerOr was it just an afterthought
Like casting water from a bow
I'm past the point of crying
For a love that lies there dying
In a dusty dresser drawer nowIt's such a goddamn shame
Right next to your picture frame
In a dusty dresser drawer now
If anybody asks me what I think, that love is for now, I'll tell them
Look in a dusty dresser drawer now
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Это интересно:Эймос Ли (родился в 1978 г.) американский исполнитель - сочинитель песен и гитарист из Филадельфии, Пенсильвания. Играет смесь фолка, джаза и соула. Выпустил четыре альбома: Amos Lee(1995), Supply and Demand(2006) и Last Days at the Lodge(2008), Mission Bell (2011). Во многом на его творчество оказали влияние Stevie Wonder, John Prine, Bill Withers, and James Taylor. Также Эймос ездил в турне с такими музыкантами, как Bob Dylan, Elvis Costello, Norah Jones, Paul Simon, Merle Haggard, and... продолжение
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