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"Alabama Shakes"
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"Alabama Shakes"
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Boys & Girls


Alabama Shakes

жанры: soul, blues
альбомы: Boys & Girls
рейтинг: ★★★★☆ / 4.5 / 496 просмотров
Oh why can't we be
Best friends anymore?
They say a friend
Ain't to be
Between a girl and a boy
I don't know who said it
Or why it got to be so wrongOh why don't you call
Don't you care anymore
It's not fair
Don't let them get you
It took us both and now I got to fix you
Well I don't know how to fix you
You say it's just the way it's got to be, but how so?Why
Is an awful lot of questions
And I can't give me no answer
I keep wondering onOh why can't you see
That I'm not trying to be
No kind of bother
I'm just trying to say what was left between you and me
And where we left it before they took it
And you know they took it all
And took offOh why did I let them drive a wedge between
Well I watched it and I didn't say nothing
And now I'm crying when I sleep
Now I'm saying, I'm praying, to that sweet melody in my soulWhy
Is an awful lot of questions
And I can't give me no answer
I keep wondering onI wanna know who said it
Who said it, oh Lord
Это интересно:Alabama Shakes - американская рок-группа из Атенса (штат Алабама), образованная в 2009 году. В состав входят ведущая вокалистка Бриттани Ховард, гитарист Хит Фогг, бас-гитарист Зак Кокрелл и барабанщик Стив Джонсон.Бриттани Ховард и Зак Кокрелл познакомились в средней школе на уроках психологии; после занятий они сочиняли песни, экспериментируя в различных жанрах, в том числе корневом и прогрессивном... продолжение
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