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[Jay Reaper]:
I can run into a brickwall and burst that shit open
The brickwall exploding, I’m smoking
I could start choking myself and not croak then
I once had an overdose coke, I’m still rolling
Losing my shit
We boozed, now we cruising, the crew’s in a whip
And we jumped the first dude on some lucifer shit (so what he did)
So he tried to use a crucifix, I stripped his flesh, abused his bitch (Ohh)
The bitch had beautiful tits
I slit that wrist then passed her to Skits (Hello)
See we way passed packing a clip
I’m a passionate dick, start stabbing your clit
A motherfucking hazardous prick
And I laugh like the pastor harrasing them kids
See we back in the bussines
So bad its balistic
Your limbs and your back look badly constricted!

Kick, Punch, Rip, Stab!
Grip, crush, Hit, Grab!
Bloodrush, limbs crack!
Thats a Brutality!

Grip, crush, hit, grab!
Kick, punch, rip, stab!
Cut guts, chin smashed!
Thats a Brutality…

[Dopey Rotten]:
Step in to the cage and test my warrior mentality
No casualties multiple fatalities
I’m battling myself multiple personalities
If you in the way it’s just a minor technicality
Fuck ya nationality, you lack originality
No eventualities your end is a certainly
Killing my specialty, your not special see
These grimey inner city folks yeah we got the recipe
See us as an enemy we’ll slaughter your family
I never even heard of human rights and humanity
Plan moves tactically, do the job happily
It’s another tragedy that happened randomly
You want a quick death?
Jump off the balcony
My twisted fantasy causes agony
This killer instinct it comes naturally
Now come and step up and then witness brutality


[Skits Vicious]:
Beavis Butts heads with a metal skull
I got claws, no hands each finger is a tentacle
My weapon is a wrecking ball
The way enemy’s splatter is a spectacle
With the rats I crawl as I tag the wall
Guess I’m gonna win the tournament after all…
Above a spike pit we stand on polls
A sucka might slip and his ass will fall
(Now…) Some call me a cannibal
Guess the jokes on you, but it sure ain't practical
My warfare is tactical
I reach through ya chest with a force that grabs your soul
I stare at a massive hole
As you collapse to the floor like a rag doll
My eye’s melt your remains with a laser beam!
As I look up at the sky in a rage I scream:
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