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No Limits



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[Verse 1]
 Night (Ayy), one night (Ayy)
 We need more than one night, yeah
 It’s all mine when I see you on site, yeah (Yeah)
 On site, it’s so good you miss your flight, yeah (Woo, woo)
 It's so exciting (So exciting, yeah)

 Been waiting to get with you (Oh yeah, oh yeah)
 Can't send love through pictures (No way, no way)
 Get your chance, baby don't miss it
 Let you tell it (Yeah)
 I’m the best that you never had (Ayy)
 I’m the best that you never had (Yeah, yeah, yeah)

 My lil baby (Woo), change your price tag (Bling)
 That's a upgrade (Yeah) on the watch, yeah (Ooh)
 Yeah, I'm hard work (Work) if you want that (Ooh)
 Is you rolling? (Yeah, yeah) Be precise, yeah (Ayy, yeah)
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