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ST, look

I see a lot of man let their jealousy creep in
Watch who you eat with, the girls that you sleep with
Watch who you talk with, walk with, speak with
The first to the motives, the last to the meetings
Huh, all I know is how to work bruv
Start off as a worker and thats just how it works bruh
When I was tryna work niggas never tried to turn up
But when it's time to turn up everybody turns up
And I don't know what I was thinking with the tweets about the searches
But when Harry got murdered man was so emotional
Tryna find solutions
I had some good intentions but I guess I couldn't word them
The life's so funny
I got a message saying that the streets don't love me
The streets don't love you
If you died today they wouldn't donate to your fucking GoFundMe
A lot of man hate me, but man can't touch me
That's why I gotta chuckle, I'm a Poet, no Chuckie
My mummy tryna wake me up for college in the morning
Is the only time a human on this earth has ever rushed me
Pshh, boy it's true
I tell them yutes that skunk weed is gonna poison you
All you wanna do is go and score a point or two
It's ironic everybody's got a point to prove
When we were young we never listened to them older man
How you beefing man if you don't even know the man?
Before you poke a man you man wanna expose a man
All for some Instagram clout on exposing gangs
So what's gangster then? 'Cause I don't really know if I'm honest
When we were young we had dreams of being bosses
Ballers, doctors, lawyers in an office
So how did that turn into dropping out of college
Snaps in a prison cell, bodies in a coffin
London is cursed, this city's got a problem
My bro ain't got a bird he got an ostrich, a fucking life sentence
So don't talk about experience
I say what I want and that's period
My team serious
I still got a squad full of lifers
From Dovegate to ISIS, freedom is priceless
And I see a lot of man tryna draw me out
I feel the tension in the air when I walk around
But would you rather be the person talking or the person doing all the things that people talk about?
Scratch that, I ain't with the backchat
My mum calls me David, girls call me Santan
And fam, I don't give a fuck if you're a badman
You madman, the only guy I'm dodging is the tax man
They say that fame is a game and it's true 
'Cause if you say the wrong word then everybody wants to hang man
Ask Surge about the times that I had man
I brought the fam together like when Tommy got the black hand
And if you got a good girl you need to keep her close
And let her in, because the difference is
When things hit the fan they're gonna disappear
All them sidechicks, and all them mistresses
All your broskis and your affiliates
And all the man that you were standing in the pictures with
They ain't visiting 'cause they ain't got a thing to give
I'm a hypocrite
But that line between stopping it and living it
I'm sitting in the thick of it
You would think I told my boys to come party in South
'Cause this year I said we need to touch bigger fish
Too many yutes are dying and I'm sick of it
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