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New Horizons


Brian May

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New horizons to explore
New horizons no one's ever seen before
Limitless wonders in a neverending sky
We may never, never reach them
That's why we have to try

New horizons to take our breath away
New horizons getting closer every day
Somewhere in the distance, a wonder will appear
One day New Horizons will be very, very near
That's why we're here

Tonight the hand of man reaches out
To throw light on how life came about
Computer is reckoning an all-time high
The future is beckoning onward and onward we fly

New horizons a dream coming true
New horizons that will change our point of view
The fruits of wishful thinking we taste them for real
We're off to new horizons so hold on to the wheel
That's how we feel

New horizons every day
New horizons
New horizons every day
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