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Same Team


Labrinth feat. Stefflon Don

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Hey, I'm original
Just a [?] singing my blues
Ain't not traditional
But I won't think twice to say that I do
Now, I don't know what today is
Don't care much for tomorrow
Got my back in a bit tree
I don't know which way is
Let's ride up through shallow
Hope you're on the same team

As me (o-oh-hmm-hmm-o-oh)
Baby as me (o-oh-hmm-hmm-o-oh)
As me (o-oh-hmm-hmm-o-oh)
As me (o-oh-hmm-hmm-o-oh)

I gon' make it right, I gon make it right
If you give me all, I'ma give you all night
Never let me go, never let me go
I'ma hold you down, I'ma hold you down
'cause I got you
Whatever it is, whatever the cost, whatever you want
I'm with you
Whatever you like, whatever you choose
I'm that thing that you take when you with me
I'm that dog that may never leave you breath
I, I, I ain't looking for better ways
I want to stay for seventeen days
I know you got a heart full of pain
Just know I got a heart full of shame
I would do the cross when the time wit' you
Ride or die 'cause we in the same crew

Baby as me (o-oh-hmm-hmm-o-oh)
As me (o-oh-hmm-hmm-o-oh)
As me (o-oh-hmm-hmm-o-oh) my team


Can you feel us?
Can you feel us?
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