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Blame It On The Bag



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[Verse 1]
If you wonderin’ why I changed up
Tell ‘em the money is why I changed up
I’m gettin' high smokin’ with angels
You know I can hate that’s what a lame does
Bring it back stackin’ this money
But I still can’t forget the past
Stack it up and save it 'cause this ration never last
Never spittin no lies ‘cause you know this shit is faxx
Muhfuckers is mad ‘cause they never scratched my back
I did it on my own and I don’t owe you nothing now
Had to go and get it and make mama proud
All of my bitches and exes are so mad
‘cause they know that I finally just got the bag
You know you can blame it on the fuckin’ cash
Told you when I get it imma fuckin’ spaz
You can blame it on the bag

[Verse 2]
If she bad mouths you know that fact bro
I got so much money I might go cop a Picasso
Oh my god this stone allen got me drippin’
Now all of my hater cousin come and visit
At the airport paparazzi snappin’ all these pictures
Still can remember on the last day that I was feelin' kinda sad
Oh my god all these cash
Every time I see these bitches they all look mad
Tellin' me I’m different but you know I know that
Check the [?] and tell ‘em they can just blame it, blame it, blame it on the bag
You know that I always wanted all of that
Told you when I get it I ain’t coming back
Every time I see these haters always mad
You can blame it on the bag

[Verse 3]
Fuck that, bring it back
Don’t you ever forget just where I started
I heard your favorite rapper album and that shit is garbage
Add up everyone on that list you know that I’m the hardest
Take my mama at a [?] money
Stayin' hard, stayin' hard with swag
Want it all, ‘bout to blow a hunnit racks
I want more tell 'em gimme all of that
All of these cash be the reason why I'm sad
Put the shit on my mama and dad I only do this for my mom and dad
Forget ‘bout all my cash
In a Bentley yes I hit the gas
I used to be superbaggin' trash
And all these haters can
Blame it on the bag
Blame it on the bag
Blame it on the bag
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