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Only You (Frank Pole Remix)


Parson James x Frank Pole

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I had just moved from New York to LA as sort of an escape because I had just decided that I was ending things with my partner of three years. It was such a brutal demise of our relationship that I found running away to a good place was the best option in my head. When I got out here, within a week or so of breaking up, I found the first place that I could and just settled down. It was pretty lonely and isolating, but I was still writing at the same time. In the past, I’ve made records that were therapeutic and usually about things in my past, like uality and how I grew up. This was one of the first times where I felt like I couldn’t write anything else other than this person, the best friend that I just lost. In my headspace, I had convinced myself that even though he was cheating on me, and then, in return, I cheated on him too, nobody would love me as much as he would. So I convinced myself of that and then that song just sort of started taking shape. It was super emotional and it was one of the first things I had written about my ex. But time has gone on and the whole healing process took a bit. And now, for me, when I sit back and look at that song, I’ve regained a bit of confidence. I was a bit destructive for a bit—over eating, over drinking and over doing everything… but I’ve healed. I look at the song now and think that I’m actually singing to myself rather than to him. I think that I lost a part of myself in the relationship, and I’ve been trying to find my way back to that person. I am slowly but surely getting there."
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